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July 13, 2016
by big kahuna
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Testing some new snorkel gear in hawaii!

while it is true we enjoy spending most of our time scuba diving in these pristine waters (it’s what we moved here for!) we do enjoy taking a slightly more relaxing day and going snorkeling in the shallow waters just off the beach near our house. There is so much sea life in the first few meters of the water that you really don’t need to go out far to see something new every time. Snorkeling is also a great cardio work out if you kick fast enough and is a fun way to burn some extra calories. My husband and I always have our snorkel gear on hand any time we visit a beach, the temptation to go explore is always there. It is crazy how with just a snorkel mask and fins you open up a whole new world to experience that most people forget even exists 99% of the time. Just be sure to get some high quality snorkeling gear, you don’t want chaffed ankles or the sterotypical red spot most divers get when their mask is too tight! We found some good recommendations for some of the best snorkel gear here:

bring your snorkel gear!

There is certainly a downside to that negligence, as on our last few snorkeling trips we have started to notice an over abundance of trash littered across the beach, and even floating in the water where it can choke sea turtles or birds who often mistake it for food and will eat it by mistake. This is simply due to ignorance of what can happen when you litter and is always sad to see people not respecting the environment. We always bring a cleanup bag with us whenever we go snorkeling or scuba diving and try to pick up as much trash as possible but it is a constant problem.

snorkeling with stingrays

On the up side, on our last snorkel trip we were lucky enough to come across a large group of stingrays playing in the sun in the shallows, we swam with them for quite a while before they scurried off into deeper water. Rays like to hang out in the sea grass on the bottom, so whenever you are in that type of environment, always shuffle your feet or your day might be ruined by a barb from a surprised stingray in your foot! Ouch! Luckily with the help of a snorkel mask you can see what lurks below with crystal clear vision! So we hope next time you think about visiting Hawaii you bring your snorkeling gear! Special thanks to for featuring us in their march newsletter! It is always awesome when the scuba diving community supports each other 🙂

snorkeling among tropical fish

November 7, 2015
by big kahuna
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very cool barbados scuba diving adventure

We recently took some time off and took an amazing trip to Barbados.  The water there is fantastic and the locals were very friendly! Of course anywhere we go we are going to asses the scuba diving conditions and we are happy to report back that they are simply amazing. Scuba diving in Barbados is like slipping into a dream, there is so much wildlife underwater and there are ship wrecks to explore.

The divemaster even let us spear ourselves a couple Lionfish as they are currently overpopulated and destroying the reef. Check out this cool Scuba diving in Barbados video to get an idea of what this amazing adventure is like:

As you can see, there is some great diving conditions to be had in between stuffing your face with fresh seafood and dancing the night away. we hope you enjoyed this little peek into our latest scuba diving vacation around the globe!

July 23, 2015
by big kahuna
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6 tips to take your dive to the next level

Happy scuba diver

Ever have one of those dives where everything went wrong?

Broken fins straps, bad visibility, ear equalization problems?

While scuba diving can be one of life’s most exciting experiences, we are bound to have a less than optimal dive from every now and then.

You might be wondering if there are things you can do to help make every dive great. While we can’t say all of these will work for everyone, here’s a list of tips to help.

Scuba Tip 1:

Frame your dive in a positive way. This could be a photographer tip or another way to say, “Be happy!” Nobody likes a negative Nancy dive buddy. Don’t worry, be happy!

Dive Tip 2:

Have a good sense of humor. Not sure how to tell your buddy his dive mask is full of snot? Try humor. Compliment her on her ability to catch jellyfish with his face. keep it light, keep it fun!

Scuba Tip 3:

Focus on celebrating the little things. Since you can’t see a whale shark on every dive, concentrate on the beauty of everyday life on the reef. Find delight in the pattern of local coral or adventure in locating the eye of a tiny nudibranch.

Diving Tip 4:

Challenge yourself. Set a personal goal to become a Rescue Diver or to learn how to identify fish. Getting outside of your comfort zone will give you a sense of accomplishment. Think outside the box for an awesome scuba diving career! Be sure to be extra safe and check out these Dive Computer Reviews !


Dive Tip 5: 

Be proud of the underwater environment. Prepare to pick up debris on your dive and know that removing plastic and garbage from the ocean stops animals from mistaking it for food. Make sure you use well maintainted Scuba diving Equipment

Tip 6:

Log and share your experiences. Studies show that experiences are more intense when shared with others. Share your dive stories on social media and record scuba memories in your logbook. Inspire others to go Scuba diving!

Whatever the cause, bad dives happen from time to time, so make the best of them! Keep these tips in mind if you need help making a good dive great. If you are getting into snorkeling be sure to check out this awesome full face snorkel mask.

Using a full face snorkel mask can be a great way for newer divers to get comfortable submerging their entire head in the ocean and still get to enjoy the view! This is great for those who are new to diving and snorkeling.

July 21, 2015
by big kahuna
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An exciting shark adventure tour!

Hello again from Hawaii!

The shark is nature’s most efficient predator aside from humans. Sharks have existed for over 400 million years, even before dinosaurs ruled the earth. The sharks featured on this hawaii boat tour include the Tiger and Sandbar sharks.  Our customers have also occasionally seen Hammerheads. Seeing sharks is always awesome while scuba diving, especially if you have the right scuba diving equipment. We recently bought a bunch of new Scuba equipment SALE online and are super happy. We brought along the best scuba mask we could find in order to see these beauties clearly!

In Hawaiian legend, each island has its own shark god. The king shark god of Oahu is Kamohoali’i. His lair is an underwater cove off of Pearl Harbor. (We will not be visiting Kamohoali’i). He is the top shark god and oldest brother of the fire goddess Pele. Kamohoali’i is also known as Moho, the provider of the canoe which brought Pele to Hawai’i from Tahiti.

The ancient Hawaiians hunted sharks for their meat, teeth and skin. Heiaus, or temples, were built in honor of the shark gods and are very cool to visit. Every island has its own shark god, many Hawaiian families had personal shark guardian spirits, a fact we found super interesting that our guide told us.

scuba diving gear and tiger shark

Watching a shark rise from the depths is an unforgettable experience, a intense adventure you will always cherish for the rest of your life.

We will travelled offshore approximately three to four miles.  At the dive site the shark cage was placed into the beautiful crystal clear blue water. The visibility is so good (often 120 ft or more) that you can actually see the sharks swim up from the deep. Our cage can hold up to 8 people so it is easy for large families to experience their shark dive together.   No chumming is necessary as the sharks are attracted to the sound of our motors, which they interpret as a crabbing vessel and a potential food source.   People are encouraged to bring underwater cameras, as they will be able to get some of the best photos of sharks possible anywhere in hawaii.  Underwater Cameras and video options were also be available on the boat for purchase along with other custom scuba gear.

July 20, 2015
by big kahuna
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Welcome to Big Kahuna Diver!!

Welcome to Big Kahuna diver , your source for the best scuba diving spots all over the world. We are a couple who loves to travel and see all the excitement that can be found in our wonderful oceans! We are now retired and living full time in hawaii!

hawaii scuba diving

so Aloha and welcome to your complete guide to diving in Hawaii, including dive sites, dive shops and everything else you want to know about scuba diving in Hawaii. We try to  Post reviews of  all the awesome dive sites and you can book diving directly with the local diving companies or click through to their website.

The Hawaiian island chain is made up of 140 islands, although we generally only think of the seven main islands, Ni’ihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe and Hawaii. Hawaii is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and located over 2500 miles from the nearest continent. This  has created a unique underwater environment that scuba divers can enjoy on a year round basis, in fact over 25% of marine is endemic to Hawaii.

The four most visited islands are  Maui,Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii, they each have their own unique flavor and dive sites . Lanai, Molokai and Ni’ihau are dived less often and offer some very unique dives and aquatic life, although generally recommended for intermediate to advanced divers. If you are interested in diving off Kahoolawe you will need to charter a dive boat for yourself to take you out to the dive sites.
hawaii scuba diving with turtle
When you are not sun bathing in your shorts on the beach or diving beneath the waves there are plenty of activities to keep you busy, why not try skydiving, a luau, go to the world’s most active volcano or kick back and relax on a sundown dinner cruise. Visit our activity page for some suggestions of activities to keep you busy when you are not diving and to arrange a lei greeting for when you arrive into the islands. Also in our activity page you will find a selection of hotels and info whether you are looking for a Waikiki Hotel or to stay at the Hobbit House on the Big Island. We hope you enjoy your time scuba diving on our wonderful island and hope we help you find some great dive sites!

– Steve and Anne